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rotary cross cutter obsolete electronic parts service


Led by Samy H. Amor, HARO SYSTEM represents the second generation of a family business, distinguished by personal consulting, technical trading, first-class service, and professional project management. With a small, dedicated team, we combine traditional values with cutting-edge technology to create customized and innovative solutions in the printing industry and related fields. Our strength lies in the combination of profound technical understanding and the ability to apply this knowledge specifically to sustainably enhance the efficiency and productivity of our clients.

Rotary cross cutters

Our service offering includes specialized sheeter technologies for a wide range of substrates, including paper, cardboard, plastic films, and metal foils, which can be precisely processed using air sheeters for delicate materials or band sheeters for more robust applications.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive support services such as revamping, maintenance, repair, commissioning, relocation, and installation, as well as production monitoring, optimization, and staff training, conducted by our specially trained professionals.

Rotary cross cutters

obsolete electronic parts

Our service offers comprehensive solutions for the procurement of obsolete mechanical, electronic, and pneumatic parts as well as drive technology for printing, paper, film, and other industrial processing machines, including hard-to-find spare parts from a variety of manufacturers like Siemens, Baumüller, Lenze, and Festo.

Through our excellent partner network, we can not only supply hard-to-obtain parts but also perform preventive maintenance to avoid system-critical failures and ensure timely redundancy.

obsolete electronic parts

Service for Printing Machines

Our comprehensive service includes preventive maintenance and repairs of printing and processing machines by experienced technicians to ensure production efficiency and minimize downtime.

Furthermore, we offer a turnkey relocation service for industrial machinery, covering everything from planning and dismantling to reassembly and commissioning, supported by technical expertise and customized solutions for each step of the process.


Machinery Trading

Our machinery trading specializes in the sale and procurement of used printing, paper, and film production as well as processing machines, offering exclusive purchasing opportunities through direct contacts with printers and manufacturers.

We support our customers not only in purchasing but also in the targeted search, transport, and installation at the production site, and additionally provide a platform for the sale of your used machines.


We offer customized recycling solutions for used printing, paper, and film production as well as processing machines, optimizing the value of your old machines through professional valuation, environmentally responsible dismantling, and expert disposal or refurbishment.

Our comprehensive service includes purchasing, transport, and installation, supported by our profound industry knowledge and an extensive network, to meet your needs efficiently and straightforwardly.

OEM Partners

Within our OEM business segment, we maintain close partnerships with leading manufacturers to distribute their innovative solutions for the printing, paper, and film production industry, as well as for processing equipment.

Through these strategic collaborations, we offer our customers access to a wide range of high-quality, customized components and systems specifically designed to optimize their production processes and enhance their efficiency.

What We Do and How We Work

At HARO SYSTEM, we go far beyond merely providing equipment; we see ourselves as your "knowledge broker," offering tailored solutions and profound insights into the printing industry and related sectors.

Our approach is focused on maximizing your business success through practical and customer-focused consulting, sales, and support. This includes not only sourcing used machines and spare parts but also assisting with the search, transport, and installation.

Through direct contacts with printers and manufacturers, we secure exclusive purchasing opportunities and also provide a platform for the sale of your used machines.

Our comprehensive service offering also covers preventive maintenance and repairs of printing and processing machines, supplemented by specialized technologies and support services that range from the evaluation and recycling of used machines to partnering with leading OEM manufacturers to distribute innovative solutions.

Fire, storm, earthquake may destroy my buildings, my furnishings, and my goods – I lose not much if the trust of my customers remains.
John Wanamaker (July 11, 1838 – December 12, 1922)

By ensuring that you not only receive the right equipment but also benefit from a pool of expertise that boosts your efficiency and opens up new opportunities for your business, we uphold the principle that the trust of our customers is our most valuable asset.

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    Located in the Heart of the Metropolitan Regions

    Our headquarters in Erkrath means that we are positioned at the core of the Ruhr region/Rhineland metropolitan area, right on the northern edge of the Bergisches Land. This location places us close to our customers and suppliers, whether they are local or international. We deliver our machines from here to Cologne, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Bochum, Herne, Bottrop, Recklinghausen, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, as well as to East Westphalia, the Siegerland region, the Sauerland region, the Eifel region, or any other location within the EU.